Technological development and SaaS-solution from a professional IT provider
About company
Wirecapital - has extensive professional experience in the field of individual development of solutions for e-commerce and corporate information systems, integrates billing solutions.

We are developing a web-based processing system including e-billing, online banking. The system is fully PCI DSS certified. The company has a technological base that meets safety requirements.
Bleeding edge technology
The Wirecapital system guarantees high processing speed (in real time) and supports all market trends. Technological capabilities of our systems provide service of the highest level of quality.
Secure payments
Wirecapital transmits information data via a secure SSL-connection, and regularly tested for compliance with global security protocols and supports compliance with the PCI DSS Level 1.
Industry solutions
Choosing Wirecapital as a technology partner, the Client gets the opportunity to become a full-fledged player in the e-commerce market, optimize the costs of doing business and continue the growth of the company.
Anti-fraud systems
Wirecapital minimizes the impact of fraud on the merchant business due to the advanced Anti-fraud enterprise system operating in real time. Fraud prevention system can handle over 100 000 transactions per second.
Wirecapital is an expert in the development and support of financial products and services. Our solutions help you easily adapt to changing market conditions, efficiently use the internal resources of the company and significantly reduce the cost of profit.
Custom payment pages
Wirecapital offers the ability to create a working interface designed specifically for your business. An individually prepared interface will match the unique style of your site and work to increase customer confidence.
Our goal is to create conditions for the growth and prosperity of your business with the help of innovative solutions and a non-standard approach.
Our Advantages
Work in different jurisdictions of the world
Individual and industry payment solutions
Risk Management
Consulting support for business process optimization
7x24x365 multilanguage technical support
For banks
Our clients are working at different fields of business and have diverse needs.Each merchant is individual and we are focused on rendering the services which are covering needs all of them. To meet their requirements, we are always trying to find new, interesting and advantageous solutions for them.
For platforms
Are you interested to provide us with technical solutions or would like to use our services? We are always happy to find new partners! We may offer competitive technological services and multilanguage IT support for easy integration and comfortable mutual work. We may offer competitive technological services and multilanguage IT support for easy integration and comfortable mutual work.
For agents
Are you interested to provide us with clients and get paid for this? We are ready for transparent and profitable partnership: we are offering institutions, individuals and companies the ability to get a part of our profit!
Address: Cyprus, Ioanni Stylianou 6, 2nd floor, flat/office 202, Nicosia 2003
Phone: +35722008830
E-mail: [email protected]
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